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"The Crystal Being"

NEW ALBUM: "The Crystal Being"  Powerful Kundalini Yoga Mantras and Meditations thought by Yogi Bhajan delivered by Yogi, Teacher (ERYT500 KRI2) and Recording Artist Karina Skye aka Siri Priya Kaur; incorporating Acoustic guitar, native flutes, and Brazilian percussion; perfect for the experience yogi, the teacher’s playlist, or anyone looking to just relax, be inspired, heal and energize.  AVAILABLE HERE 

Kundalini Yoga & Yoga Inspired Music

"Sacred Mornings" Aquarian Sadhana Mantras


The Aquarian Mantras are the  chants most used during Kundalini Yoga morning practices. This album, is  a sacred union of Acoustic Guitar, Classical Flute with a touch of  percussion recorded entirely by Karina in the same fashion as she  performs it live.

Jap Ji Sahib (Portugues) "Meditaçåo Da Alma"


JapJi Sahib translated and  recited in Portuguese. The JapJi Sahib is one the the sacred  prayers/meditations of the Sikhs. This powerful and incredibly poetic meditation, is usually recited  every morning by Kundalini Yoga (as though by Yogi Bhajan)  practitioners.

"Be The Light"


Recorded in the healing tuning  of 432Hz, with lyrics inspired by Yoga philosophy and Kundalini Yoga mantras translated into English, and with positive phrases that sticks to one's mind, this album was created to  empower, inspire and heal the listener. 

"Living & Loving"


Multi-instrumentalist,  singer/songwriter, and Yoga master, originally from Brazil, living in  the United States. Her self-produced acoustic music blends brazilian  rythms, exotic percussion, acoustic nylon strings guitar, powerful  vocals and lyrics.

"Letter To Humanity"


A self-produced acoustic album  by Brazilian born artist, healer, and Yogi. With a beach feel and a mix  of folk and rock, the lyrics are deep inspirational messages to heal,  empower, and enlighten the listener.

"Yoga Way"


A whimsical, one hour long song, incorporating creative, psychedelic,  native and eastern instrumentation with positive and inspiring vocals, lyrics and mantras from various cultures and languages; great for meditations, yoga classes, mood setting, and uplifting listening pleasure

Books / Audio Books

"My Mind Is My Best Friend" Mindfulness for kids

"My  Mind Is My Best Friend" is a cheerful and funny story about the  relationship between a child and his/her mind.  A child’s mind can  sometimes be fun and creative and other times can be doubtful, negative  or create scary thoughts. Karina Skye wrote this book with the intention  of empowering children to meditate and learn to control their thoughts  in order to teach the mind to be supportive and positive. This easy  listening audio book will help children to find the answers and  solutions to every day challenges and make the mind their best friend,  helping them achieve anything they believe in.

Karina Skye is a  mother, author, singer and songwriter with over 30 albums released and  150 published songs and poems. She is also a Doula and an Experienced  Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500 and KRI) certified in various styles  of Yoga, including Kundalini Yoga, Sivananda, Hatha, Restorative, Power  Yoga and Pre-Natal Yoga. Karina believes these ancient teachings can be  useful for everyone in this modern world and is an advocate of  meditation and mindfulness. Her goal is to empower and inspire the  reader and listener, either through her music, books, classes, or  writings. Karina Skye wishes everyone she influences through her works  to develop self-awareness so they can thrive and excel in everything  they do in life.  

Available in paperback on Amazon
and Audio Book on ITunes & Kindle
Available in paperback on Amazon and Audio Book on ITunes & Kindle